Diversity or Fractured Leaders?

We live in a world of different cultures, habits, demographics, population density and much else. But one would hope that all world leaders have a couple of aims in common – the health, wealth and general well being of their people. This article looks at how the world tackles common issues.

Corruption Prevents Progress

Haiti only introduced anti corruption legislation in 2014. Brazil has taken some of the most imaginative steps in enabling the Government to look real time into business – even goods being shipped on a truck are trackable. The US has the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK has the Bribery Act.

However, the US permits “Facilitating” payments to expedite routine governmental action – at least in certain narrow circumstances. Surprisingly (?) both Brazil and Colombia prohibit such payments.

Data Privacy

Many of us have lost private information to hackers. The EU has had some of the most stringent regulations for many years and just strengthened them further with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which became effective on 25 May 2018. In contrast, the US has Data Protection regulations limited to specific industries like HIPPA for health care and COPPA for children but the US seems more concerned to ease the flow of information than to protect it. And nearly a quarter of the world (some 44 countries) still have no specific laws regulating the use of data.


No one likes paying taxes but Governments love them! We all know we hate it but Governments need taxes to give us the services we need. But how much tax is reasonable? The US used to be one of the highest for corporations but lost that place of honour with a new 21 % rate! High tax regimes include Argentina (up to 35%) and Brazil (34%). As far as individuals go Sweden thinks it is reasonable to take 62% of what a person earns whereas the Bahamas thinks no taxes are good!

Paid Vacation

And what about paid vacation (a necessity for our health and well being one would think)?  Well….our Government (US) doesn’t think we need any days – so we’re in line with countries like Kiribati, Micronesia and Tonga who have no mandated paid vacation whereas France thinks 25 working days is necessary and even then a maximum working week of 35 hours!




So what do you think – diversity or fractured leaders?