What Companies Need To Know In An M&A Transaction Involving International Employees

Are you in the process of negotiating an M&A deal in which a large number of international employees will be spun out of the target business or for the target business to be split into separate businesses?

Have you an urgent need for new employing subsidiaries to be setup worldwide, employees to be onboarded and payrolled, benefits to be setup anew and accounts/compliance to be done?
If so, look no more – Nucleus can solve your problem quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle.

Our experience is that while the big 4 accounting firms and international law firms are very good at producing a tax plan, they may not have the capacity through a single contact point to implement the plan by dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’. The issues you may therefore have are:

• The need to setup international subsidiaries in a short timeframe in countries where typically this can take up to 3 months when the shareholders are not local.
Imaginative solutions need therefore to be deployed to resolve time crunches.
• The need to setup transfer of employment documentation/local country compliant
employment agreements and Staff Handbooks for the international employees.
This is especially tough in Europe as the employees’ terms and conditions cannot be made worse as a result of the transaction.
• The need to setup “at least as good” benefits when the employees may currently be in group schemes but now need to be individually underwritten as the headcounts in any one country may be too small for a group scheme to apply.
• The need to pick up and run the international payrolls from day 1.
• The need to use a pre-existing accounting platform to produce monthly financial statements for the international operations from day 1.

This is where Nucleus can help!

We will provide you from day one with (2) key points of contact:
• A Client Services Director(CSD), experienced both multi-country and multidisciplinary, who will be your point person abroad for all setup and compliance needs.
The CSD will act as part of your business support team, liaise with the tax planners and implement the plan.
• An Accounting Services Manager(ASM) who will run all your international payrolls, process and pay approved employee expense claims and pay all your vendors as you approve, as well as produce your monthly financial statements.
Our consultants are split into teams, each team focusing on all aspects of entity setup,cross country employment law and benefits issues, all compliance covering corporate governance, accounts, direct and indirect taxes, payroll, stock options, ESPP (where relevant) as well as a team covering the drafting and benchmarking of intercompany agreements.
Our accounting teams have several person-decades of accounting experience supporting entities in more than 50 countries in all continents and are familiar with ERP systems ranging from QuickBooks through NetSuite, MS Dynamics and Intacct to SAP and ORACLE. We also offer a default accounting platform which can be deployed without delay to maintain accounts while you regroup post M&A to formulate forward plans.
For more information on how this business model will result in quick action when you
have a time crunch, call +1-239-994-2408 or email: shan@nucleus-co.com.
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