What Companies Should Know When Hiring International Employees

Are you about to hire your first international employee?
Do you have a small number of employees in several countries and are you having a tough time managing multiple payroll companies,
book-keepers, compliance accountants and HR & Benefits providers?
Have you downsized abroad and have a need to reduce costs by replacing your internal finance/HR function with a one stop shop outsourced solution?
If so, then look no more.
Nucleus has the answer for you.
We will provide you with (2) key points of contact:​
• A Client Services Director (CSD), experienced both multi-country and multidisciplinary, who will be your point person abroad for all compliance and consultancy needs. The CSD will act as one of your own, being a part of your team establishing your real needs and delivering to these.
• An Accounting Services Manager (ASM) who will run all your international payrolls, process and pay approved employee expense claims and pay all your vendors as you approve as well as produce your monthly financial statements.
Our accounting teams have several person-decades of accounting experience supporting entities in more than 50 countries in all continents and are familiar with ERP systems ranging in complexity from QuickBooks through NetSuite, MS Dynamics and Intacct to SAP and ORACLE.
Our consultants are familiar with cross country employment law and benefits issues, all aspects of compliance covering corporate governance, accounts, direct and indirect taxes as well as the drafting and benchmarking of intercompany agreements.
Supporting the CSD are therefore experienced country and discipline specialists who will be visible to you for resolution of specific issues. However, your points of contact will remain just 2 regardless of the number of issues and the number of countries in which you operate.
For more information on how this business model will reduce risks as well as save you time and money, call +1-617-903-7588 or
email; info@nucleus-co.com.
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