Integrated HR, Accounts, Tax, Compliance and Legal Support for Your Foreign Offices

Starting with your company's strategic objectives, Nucleus helps the business to quickly navigate foreign country regulations enabling you to efficiently setup day to day operations and provides a full range of support for all start-up activities, advising on HR, international accounting, tax, compliance and legal issues. Our integrated solutions mean you always have your own advisor available with the necessary specialized skills whenever you need it. Here are matters we always address as you expand:

  • What are your objectives in the new country?
  • How you can hire, manage and pay your workforce in compliance with local laws and norms?
  • How will we report the costs of your foreign operation to you?
  • What steps you need to take to remain compliant with ever tightening data privacy rules?
  • How can you keep abreast of local registration and compliance requirements and ensure timely action on them?
  • How can you minimize the impact of direct and indirect taxes?


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Entity Set Up

Before setting up a legal entity, the legal and tax structure needs to be determined. In addition, it is important to understand...


Arguably mishandling employee issues (along with indirect taxes) poses potentially the greatest liability risks to unaware...


You are part of a rapidly growing business and it's not always easy to find the time and resources to effectively manage Payroll for...



When you operate globally, not keeping keeping track of the constantly changing local rules and regulations can leave your...


Our tax professionals are experts at managing both Direct (Corporate Income Taxes) and Indirect tax (VAT, GST, Sales...

Data Privacy

It would be difficult to find a part of the world where some form of regulations does not exist whose purpose is to protect the...

Corporate Governance

Regulators continue to pass legislation to improve corporate governance. Legislation encompasses more mundane issues of...


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